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Rich Schultz, Principal, J.D.


I have been preparing individual and business tax returns and consulting on small business challenges as a side business for over 17 years. My interest in tax compliance started in my teens when I worked for H&R Block and grew as I worked for several accountants and small businesses. 

Between college and law school, I started a business focused on individual tax preparation and small business support services. My offering included: preparing and filing on income tax returns, bookkeeping, advising and supporting QuickBooks and Peachtree software users, compiling payroll records and tax returns, creating automating procedures, and advising on new business startup planning.

After completing law school and passing the bar exam, I worked for ADP (Fortune 250 HR and Payroll giant) for over 16 years. I served in various roles but focused primarily on tax. I am also a Credentialed Tax Expert for Intuit/Turbo Tax.

I strive to help people understand their tax situation, to minimize their tax liability while complying with the law, and to plan for the future. 

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